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Thanks for your interest in a Music Annex NYC class!
Please fill out the form completely. Once you submit the form,
you will be directed to a payment page.

Please note: our classes and events fill up quickly.
Your registration is not complete until full payment is made.

Questions? Write to us here for a prompt answer! Thank you!

Thanks for registering! We know you will enjoy your class at Music Annex NYC!

Here is some helpful information regarding your upcoming class. Always feel free to contact us with questions! We'll get back to you quickly.


Please make sure to fill out the
registration form completely!


Your spot is not confirmed until payment is received. This is because we limit the number of participants, ensuring an amazing event for everyone!

After you submit the registration form, you wll be directed to a payment page. Please use the payment link (credit card and PayPal) or send a check to confirm your spot.


After your payment is made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Music Annex NYC. If you use one of our credit card buttons to pay, PayPal will send you a confirmation e-mail shortly thereafter. You may consider that e-mail a confirmation of your attendance. We will be in touch with more details closer to when the class happens.

Cancellation and Conduct

You will be asked to agree with our terms before submitting the form. Please read the terms carefully as there is a cancellation fee. Also, recordings of any kind are prohibited. Photos are awesome!

What To Bring

If you are attending a drum class, please make sure to bring a throne, practice pad, and your favorite sticks! For all other classes, we will send you an e-mail from the instructor with
suggestions on what to bring.


Hit us up with any questions!

Join us on Instagram!
Join us on Facebook! Join us on Twitter! Join us on YouTube!